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  So thanks to the problems at the old site I'm busy trying to upgrade and move into a new site,  let me tell you I would really rather be in the studio.  Your going to notice a lot of changes mainly for the fact that nothing I had at the old site is supported with the current version site software, decidedly unhappy camper here, so everything from the layout to the galleries have to be reworked.    I'm rushing because I want the people at  Pop-Up Gallery (hint hint) to see it so I'm publishing before I'm entirely finished getting moved.


Still Under Construction

  I'm playing with a lot of different variables, backgrounds and functions so if thing look a little disjointed from screen to screen it is likely because I either broke it or changed to see how it looks or I haven't gotten around to making it match the rest of the pages.

Hand lapping 2

Okay,  I bought Paul Tarlow's book on cold working without machines.  I bought the silicon carbide, I have a thick piece of glass from my old stereo unit, water and a 12 x 18 strip plate that I need to finish the back and sides. So I mixed the grit and started to grind with the 120 grit.  Here are my observations on what Paul left out of the book.

  • This is a real upper body work out.  You could probably skip the gym for a day or two.
  • Get a really sturdy table - my glass table is great for a lot of things but this isn't one of them. It wiggles, shakes, things go flying.
  • Paul suggests using duck tape as handles on the glass if its low profile - go to Harbor freight and get some suction cups. The top priced one is $8.00. The duck tape starts out okay but after the first piece you get frustrated real fast.
  • Large peices - this is the same problem I've had wit lap wheels the center doesn't get done.  I reversed the process on this. Put the piece on a towel, cover it with some grit and water.  Then I got a square of glass about 4 x 4 and attached the suction cup to it and then rubbed on it.  Still a lot of work but it gets the center area.

(untitled) -

Land and Sea II

this is the largest piece created so far. It uses several different technics.  One technic was to create a paste with the kiln wash and then use that to fill the seams between the shelves


Start Date

Sunday, 26 Dec 2010

Complete Date

Friday, 11 Feb 2011





Full fuse Relief Land and Sea II Large Scale FF with Relief Sunday, 26 Dec 2010

Cold work


Color Palette






Framed with a mbanga wood this is how it currently looks, this is really hard to get a good picture of


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