West of Bakersfield

I have a friend that worked with me on my previous project who had this picture
her sister? had taken outside of Bakersfield.

I saw it and thought that this would be a wonderful stained glass.  My friend moved on to a new project and I turned the picture into a stained glass (two year project)  always thinking I should send her a picture. Later, having gotten fed up with the old project, moved on the the same project with her and thought I should just bring the picture to work.  The job site was less than a half mile from my home.

The project ended up moving to the other end of town, still not far but I still never brought it in. Now finally, its her last day at work and she's retiring and I still haven't shown it to her. So here it is.

26 x 20 in a hand made tiger wood frame

Thuds From the Padded Cell

I got the idea for this article from the byline of a commentary in local newspaper and thought it would be a good title for some thoughts.

Insanity comes from a lot of different directions these days.

Artist Statement

Simply Do. I create because I can. Art is an extension and a release in my life. I take my inspiration from the world as I see it not something prepackaged with all the corners taken off.



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