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Hand lapping 2

Okay,  I bought Paul Tarlow's book on cold working without machines.  I bought the silicon carbide, I have a thick piece of glass from my old stereo unit, water and a 12 x 18 strip plate that I need to finish the back and sides. So I mixed the grit and started to grind with the 120 grit.  Here are my observations on what Paul left out of the book.

  • This is a real upper body work out.  You could probably skip the gym for a day or two.
  • Get a really sturdy table - my glass table is great for a lot of things but this isn't one of them. It wiggles, shakes, things go flying.
  • Paul suggests using duck tape as handles on the glass if its low profile - go to Harbor freight and get some suction cups. The top priced one is $8.00. The duck tape starts out okay but after the first piece you get frustrated real fast.
  • Large peices - this is the same problem I've had wit lap wheels the center doesn't get done.  I reversed the process on this. Put the piece on a towel, cover it with some grit and water.  Then I got a square of glass about 4 x 4 and attached the suction cup to it and then rubbed on it.  Still a lot of work but it gets the center area.

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